Football continues to drive interest

Rasmus Sojmark, founder and CEO of social betting firm Oddslife, takes a look at the trends on what punters are betting across the different channels and products. This article was first published by Betting Business in their November issue (PP 39-40):

It is not unusual to see football at the top of any betting chart these days, so having the Manchester Derby sit at the top of the online betting pile is not a huge surprise given the high profile nature of games between these two teams. In the past couple of seasons the games between City and United have actually decided the fate of the league trophy, but it feels a little different this year, not least because the derby was so early in the season.

But the Premier league this season is more exciting than it has been in recent times, mainly because the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson has levelled the playing field somewhat. Now there is a real belief that any one of Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City, Tottenham Hotspur, Man United and even Liverpool could feasibly win the title and such competition for honours will only generate more interest in the games and betting on them.

It is interesting to see the impact of Colossusbet’s range of football pool betting products has had on the biggest jackpots around the world. A £10m top prize is not to be sniffed at regardless of the difficulties of landing the jackpot and if the firm can distribute the bet through other bookmakers and channels than there is scope for the regular jackpot to get even higher given the popularity of football.
The fact that the top money back offers (dominated by marketing masters Paddy Power) surround sports other than football – NFL, Formula 1, Gaelic Football, greyhounds, just underlines the fact that football sells itself to the punter and the sport is likely to be the reason that a customer has arrived at a bookmaker’s website in the first place.

It is football that is the main driver behind Oddslife’s social betting platform which is about to taken up by a Spanish media giant in November. It’s big news for us and we’re very excited at the new partnership. Users are engaged courtesy of a constant flow of feedback thanks to a live feed, as well as the usual social features such as comments, likes and profiles. These features come alongside competitive sports based tournaments, with live leaderboards meaning every success and failure is tracked, while challenging yet attainable objectives are rewarded by badges, trophies and real prizes.

The software provides a truly social experience and as such users are encouraged to invite friends via social media and then ‘follow’ them within the game. Inviting and following has its own rewards including the reception of credit boosts and badges which help increase the chances of users rising up the leaderboards.